Working with Monolith. Work/Doesn't work?

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I know that this is not a new topic but it still baffles me and I would highly appreciate some clarification.

I would really prefer to work with Monolith, especially due to the need to migrate from one system/place to the other. My understanding that my samples, the way I edited them will be together with the NKI file and that is all to it. I have no issues with space and It's perfect for me.

Now, when I open a monolith file, whether on the same system or a different one, the sound works but there's no wallpaper and the system keeps telling me that the "file is missing"

Here's what bothers me: I have other monolith files that I have downloaded from "Piano book" that works PERFECTLY no matter where I place them: different drives, different computers - doesn't matter. they load with the GUI/wallpaper with no issues! I look into the instrument option to see the settings - there's NO resource folder and everything works.

  1. What is the difference between one monolith that works and one that doesn't?
  2. even when I click on the path and click on: "keep search option for the current session" why I have to redo it, every single time I open Kontakt? why Kontakt cannot remember that and that's it?

I would really appreciate the help here. It's driving me crazy :) LOL



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