Are Kontakt Libraries file path stored within a session and not the OS?

Nicolas Laget
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I am opening a session I created in one studio on a different machine in a different studio.

I'm getting errors from Kontakt about missing content.

Missing files are from a library that is indeed installed on that other machine. Native Access confirms it. If I open Kontakt as a standalone app the library is there.

And yet the session is looking for that library files in a different location. The file path is slightly different in studio A vs studio B. But I am very confused why that should be a problem.

I want library BLABLA, the system knows where that BLABLA library is located, just load it!

What's the point of having Native Access if the file path of each sample is baked into each session individually and therefore married to a particular computer's configuration?

Am I missing something?


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  • Paule
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    In Native Access you can set a path for your libraries or control where NA store them.

  • Nicolas Laget
    Nicolas Laget Member Posts: 6 Member

    If that was the case I would be able to transfer sessions from studio A to B without error messages.

    Ex: Pan Drum library is installed in studio A and in studio B. The file structure is slightly different. (Drive is called "Studio B Libraries" vs "Studio A Libraries")

    In both studios I can launch Kontakt as a stand-alone app and load Pan Drum. No problem.

    But if I create a session in studio A with a Pan Drum library and try to open it in Studio B I get an error message from Kontakt that some instances couldn't be loaded properly.

    When I open the Kontakt instance/track, or any Kontakt instance in that session, I get a list of missing libraries, including "Pan Drum" which it apparently cannot find. When I look at the file path it expects the library to be, it is the file path of studio A.

    So Again: even though the library is installed and recognized as such by NA on the studio B computer, the actual Kontakt instance in the session is looking for files expecting to find them where they are in studio A.

    Which leads me to conclude that file paths are sometimes saved within a session. Not at the system level by NA. I need confirmation about that.

    And more importantly: how do I get around that issue?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Nicolas Laget Please get in touch with our Kontakt specialists here:

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