Komplete Kontrol s61 mk2, Logic Pro, transport controls not working

James Hawkins
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Komplete Kontrol s61 mk 2

Been dealing with this for years like many others. It is not working at all after several restarts and reboots, after allowing full disk access. Especially since putting in the SSL Uf8. I just want to be able to press record on my keyboard and play. Everything is updated. It had a pretty good run there for awhile while it was working at least 60 % of the time, but not since I put in the other controller. Basically I would love to know if I am missing something here. It is still setup as a controller in Logic like it was before as far as I can tell. It won't scroll or start recording. Sometimes when I hit the record button it starts playing notes like it's a key on the keyboard? Most of the time it doesn't do anything though.



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