How can I cross grade and get a Kontakt 6 full version license ?

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I just found out I only had the Kontakt 6 Player and purchased a guitar VST that will only run on the Full version of Kontakt. Unfortunately though Kontakt 7 just came out , it’s not compatible with my Mac IOS 10.13 and I don’t see Kontakt 6 anywhere on Native Instrument websites and it’s impossible to get in (Kontakt) with them. Anyone can help I’d greatly appreciate it.



  • stayflyeatfries
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    I don't think you can buy a license for Kontakt 6 directly from NI, now that version 7 came out. You'll have to check for a used license from Knobcloud or KVR or something like that.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Sxvxge worth checking in our Buy/Sell/Trade thread here in case anyone is selling their Kontakt 6 license.

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