Kontakt Player view is too small

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I have a 27" iMac and I use Logic Pro. The Kontakt Player is very difficult to see - tiny print - and a strain on the eyes. Pulling on the bottom right corner makes no difference. Does NI have plans to remedy this??


  • Blindeddie
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    This is an issue for many and NI is aware. When a remedy will be provided to allow GUI scaling is anybodies guess. NI has not given any kind of timeline but it has been stated that due to the technology that Kontakt is built upon, a rework would be a major undertaking… maybe the next Major Release (Kontakt 7) but not holding my breath!!

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    Hi @Spanner unfortunately there's no quick fix for that atm. But rest assured we have a feature request post for that: Please make all UIs scalable

    I'm closing this post to avoid duplicates. Feel free to jump into the post above to discuss more. Hope to see you there 😀

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