Symphony Series-Percussion vs Spitfire BBCSO Percussion?

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I have Spitfire’s BBC Symphony Orchestra Core Edition. While the Brass, strings, and Woodwinds are fantastic, I find the timpani’s and cymbals not as rich.

The NI Symphony Series Essentials - Percussion is on sale now at $49 and am considering giving it a try. But has anyone worked here with both who can give me some advice if this is worth doing? On other words, would the NI SS Essentials - Percussion be any better than Spitfire’s BBCSO Core Percussion section?

thanks in advance!


  • MyStudioOne
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    I don't have Core, I only have the free version of BBCSO and Tympani is not velocity sensitive meaning the note sounds the same regardless on how hard or soft you hit the key - no variation at all. In the Symphony Series percussion, it is velocity sensitive and when you hit softly it sounds soft and if you hammer the drum hard it sounds that way. If that is what you are after, then I would say you would be happier with the instrument overall.

  • Balarila
    Balarila Member Posts: 15 Member

    Thank you. The BBCSO Core edition’s timpani’s are velocity sensitive. I can even do a single note roll that swells by increasing modulation. I just find the timpani’s lacking in depth/character. The cymbal crashes are also not very sparkly.

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