NO latch mode for Sunburst guitar (by Session Guitarist)

Andrew Norton
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I have Sunburst and the nearest you can get to full latch is to choose 1/1 whereas at least one other guitar by SG has the 'Keep Playing' option. My DAW is Logic Pro X.

I have the same issue with the virtual piano Noire. When I lift my fingers off the keys, the sound cuts off immediately, which produces a 'choppy; result when played and recorded. I've tried to blur the gaps with reverb and delay, but often always want these effects.

The best way I've found is to fix it is in the Piano Roll where Logic has 'trim' functions. One of these is called 'Force Legato'. Having firstly selected all the notes, use this function, then the notes are then joined to each other, nose to tail i.e. no gaps. It's obviously not as good as a live experience, but I'll be pressing them to fix it if they can.

Another useful thing missing from the Session Guitarist, but is a feature of the newest one 'Mint', is the ability to drag and drop its MIDI onto the track - all the notes, not just the trigger notes or chords. I see that others have asked if this function can be retrofitted to all SGs as a free update.

Andrew Norton, England, UK


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thanks for the feedback @Andrew Norton yes we've got quite many requests for the MIDI drag and drop feature and I'll make sure to pass this on to the team.

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