Audio Routing Troubles with Guitar Rig

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I have a simple setup. Apple iMac running Catalina and a Focusrite Scarlett (3rd gen) 2i2 connected via USB. My guitar is plugged into the Focusrite and INST levels are selected.

I am getting audio level deflection on Mac Preferences/Sound when Scarlett 2i2 is selected and I play my guitar.

With GuitarRig 6, I have selected Scarlett 2 USB as the device and have inputs as Input 1 and Input 2. Yet, the level meters in Guitar Rig 6 refuse to deflect no matter what I do.

As a test, I opened LogicPro and with the same audio setup, I get audio from my guitar as I should so I know the Scarlet 2i2 is working correctly. But I cannot get GuitarRig to work for a reason I don't understand. Input level settings on Guitar rig are at 0db. Yes, the volume on my guitar is turned up.

I have used this same setup on another computer and it's fine. Any ideas what my issue might be?




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    I have this similar issue with iRig HD 2 interface with Guitar Rig 6 Demo version running OS X 10.15.7. Everything is turned up but while interface is getting signal from guitar, neither input or output level meters in Guitar Rig 6 are moving and no sound is resulting. Under Preferences, interface device is recognized and set as the device but all input items on menu appear as 'not connected' with no other options and all output items appear as 'not connected' but with 'Front Left' and 'Front Right' options, neither of which has any effect when chosen. The interface works fine with other programs such as AmpliTube 4 and GarageBand on the same computer so nothing is wrong with the interface. I've tried all the set up suggestions on the NI site for both my computer's audio settings and Guitar Rig 6 audio settings but nothing changes the result. Based on demos, would likely buy the program if I could get sound out of it. Thanks

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    I just registered a support case same problem on a Dell Vostro Win 11 laptop and Focusrite Scarlet Solo no input and now the sound on the laptop speakers doesnt work after removal. Bit disapointed I had to upgrade fo 90 quid from Guitarrig 5 and its a brand new laptop .. urghhhhhhhh

    Will update once somone gets back to me

    Regards Mike

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