Trouble with update to Komplete 14 with Ableton

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After installing the update, any track where I used KK says my library is empty and asks to scan. I've done it several times and made sure my VST folders were correct. After many hours of trying to figure it out, I have this issue. I can open up Recent Set, everything will play except the KK stuff. When it doesn't play I get a message, "Loading Issue. Plug In not found. Please open the standalone application to rescan or rescan manually in the Plug in preferences.

However, sometimes I can start a new clip with KK and it will work. But then another issue comes, up, my S49 won't play anything. I've opened up KK and did all the rescans it asks for, several times. Opened up Native Access and fixed some files. Just pretty frustrated at this point. Is there a fix to this? Thank you.



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    I'm having the same problem, mostly with KK and Kontakt 7. K7 works fine in standalone, but I get an error in Ableton 11 using KK every time.

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    My guess is something isn't right in your Ableton Preferences for MIDI and MIDI ports. You might try posting some captures of your configuration so it can be compared to one that works. This could also affect you S49 not being able to play the plug in even when it does load directly. I had a similar problem when I first got my S49 from some old configuration entries and I had to clean that all up to get everything working.

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    Possibly you have an old VST version still installed when you did the update the older VST may not have been removed (especially if you moved it into a sub folder or something).

    Check the "About" info for the version in the VST in your DAW then compare it to the standalone version and see if it is the same version. If not, you need to delete that VST plugin and locate the updated one that was installed.

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