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Good day,

would you mind adding a function to always power off Komplete Kontrol plugin instances in DAWs when there is nothing happening inside the instrument?

Some of your instruments are using such a high amount of CPU and not every DAW is capable of automatically disable the plugins when they are not in use.

I would extremely much like being able to set some kind of switch or option to tell all of the Komplete Kontrol instances to only calculate anything or give out sound when there is any action taking place... E. g. I would like being able to define a time when the plugins go to "sleep". Let's say when there is nothing happening after 10, 20 or 30 seconds a plugin should go in sleep mode then and consume no CPU at all and only wake up again when there is happening anything inside the plugin.

You would help me a lot of you'd integrate such a CPU saving function.


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    Pretty sure that is something VST3 will do, at least for effects.

    I think the issue with synths is they still need to receive host transport/bpm signals from the host and the engine needs to be "running" in order to allow it to start producing a sound immediately. Having instruments within a container like KK would mean it has some additional overhead.

    Hopefully VST3 will address this, question is how long that will take to roll out and will we all still be alive to witness it.

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    Some DAWS provide this type of functionality. Perhaps your does? I use Studio One and it does exactly what you describe.

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