Looking at an S88...is it possible to use USB midi and MIDI din simultaneously?

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I know the S-series has a flexible assignment of keyboard splits, so I wanted to have some Reaktor or soft synths assigned to some keys and my hardware synths assigned to other keys. Would this be possible? I just read a comment somewhere that implied that MIDI out only works when the USB is disconnected.


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    Not quite true...

    The MIDI Din offers MIDI out direct from the keyboard when there is no USB connection.

    However, if you are connected to a system via USB then the MIDI Out is now a MIDI out from the system, not direct from the keyboard (and this cannot be changed)

    So it is possible if you have a capable DAW or some kind of MIDI loopback software that can accept your MIDI input from the USB MIDI port and then redirect that back out of the MIDI DIN port which you can then connect to whatever MIDI thingos you have.

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    I see. Routing stuff sometimes jogs my mind a bit, so I'm not quite sure how MIDI loopback works but what about this:

    I use an iMac and Logic. What if I have my MIDI hardware connected to my iMac through my audio interface, I should then be able to control the hardware with the S88 via USB correct? Will keyboard splits still work in this configuration?

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