When is the Native-Instruments Komplete S88 keyboard MK3 coming ?

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It's been a long while since the S88 MK2 keyboard was released.

When should we expect the S88 MK3 keyboard ? By Christmas 2022?




  • JesterMgee
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    Well your assuming we will see one at all. Only way you will know is when NI make an announcement and not a moment before.

  • Kubrak
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    Well, if there is a big drop in price, it may indicate new version is comming. But not always it is that way....

  • trusampler
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    The software needs a major overhaul to justify newer hardware. For example, for many years now alot of us who bought into this hardware/software combo have specifically asked NI for more software features, along with better hardware features as well, such as faders ,more knobs, bigger screens.

    I hope they do update Komplete Kontrol to be more powerful. As it stands right now, it's more or less a keyboard with limited control over plugins/effects. It'd be nice to see them revisit Kore and make Komplete Kontrol the powerhouse that it could potentially be.

  • John330
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    Well, the price drop is here. Not sure if it is considered big or not. I want to buy the new Komplete Kontrol S88 MK3 for Christmas. Fingers crossed!

  • Vagus
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    From a product marketing standpoint @John330 The ability to launch new product depends on the ability to ship new stock in so soon after Black Friday, and with global chip shortages still a thing, even if they were going to announce it, I don't think it would happen until March onwards. March is not a great time to sell music tech products.

    If I were a betting man (and I'm not) I would say next year, July/August if they felt the need to update the line. I don't think there's a need at present, and NI's main competition is effecitively Arturia in this space, who have the faders, nobs etc, and they're an NKS partner.

    Pricing wise, MK2 is actually more expensive now than at launch; which is food for thought, given market conditions.

    I don't think it'll be in the works for a while, but I would be delighted to be proved wrong, tough.

  • Kubrak
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    This is Cyber Season... And not price drop, but cash back... Hard to say, what comes next. If anything....

    New HW might come soon. But, if it did not come now, I would expect it not sooner than in a few months.

  • John330
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    Are there any upcoming events that NI normally announces their new product releases?

  • JesterMgee
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    Mate, given the fact things are a bit of a mess at the moment just supporting macOS changes and new partnerships etc I wouldn’t be holding your breath for anything in the next 12 months at least, if ever.

  • MyStudioOne
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    The fact that NI spent so much resources and effort to build KK's preview and search features directly into Kontakt 7 means that the vast majority of Kontakt users (those without Komplete Keyboards) now have absolutely no reason/need to use Komplete Kontrol solely for the sake of said features.

    Thus, it seems to me that Kontakt 7 is the first step in phasing out the whole Komplete Kontrol ecosystem. And if they are working on an S88 MK3, I bet it will integrate directly with Kontakt in the same way that the MK2 is integrated with Komplete Kontrol. And a product roadmap that aims for a consolidation of KK and kontakt on the software side, coupled with a new keyboard line makes a lot of sense.

  • Kalamata Kid
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    Is there a multi-touch VST/AU plugin version of KOMPLETE KONTROL S88. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/keyboards/komplete-kontrol-s88/

    The key layout can be like a piano or isomorphic keyboard. This will give access to the Light Guide and key switches to all owners of Kontakt.

  • Thumper
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    One would hope that, regardless of schedule, the next version will include the new Fatar TP8/SK Keybed with Polyphonic Aftertouch. Currently it ships with certain Waldorf keyboards in a 61-key capacity. I would happily settle for that, but would be much more excited with an 88-key, or at least a 76-key option as well.

  • Forget Melody
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    The S61 MK2 I just bought is currently powerful and sufficient. I feel that it will not be updated in a short time. The MIDI keyboard is not an iPhone. There are new models every year. It is meaningless. It is easy to use.

  • Allang123
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    Hi. I’ve been wanting to get an S61 up from my S49. More playable with key switches etc. I just noticed our local dealer has put the S61 on sale $200 off. down to $799. So wondering if this is a signal that a new model is coming maybe this summer. This was speculated above. Anyone have any speculations or better yet info from any reliable source? Please?!

  • Kubrak
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    This might be final sale before new model comes. There is substantial price drop also at our eshops.


    But no guarantie, just guess....

    Or new production batch came.... My feeling is, that there was problem with supply and prices rised also because of that. On contrary, price in our local currency should go slowly down as our currency were becoming stronger and stronger against EUR/USD. But price went up instead in past months.

  • Mannuel
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    My fingers are crossed for new MK3 range will hold out and wait for an announcement.

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