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Hello. Sorry if my English is not correct. I use google translate...😉

I have a question regarding the use of SCALE in Komplete Kontrol. In the Piano Rool, how do you get all the notes of the chord you play? The objective would be to be able to recover all these chord notes to copy them to another track.

Thank you !

Gilles (France)

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    @Gilles31 Well, @Nico_NI put you in the right direction. When you use scale, chord or arpeggiator in the Komplete Kontrol plug-in / application turns the MIDI you put in to other MIDI information. If you were using another DAW and the VST version of Komplete Kontrol you would be able to do that: Ableton Live Guide: Sending MIDI from the KOMPLETE KONTROL Plug-in

    Unfortunately, the AU format doesn't allow MIDI information to go out of the plug-in (Apple/AU limitation), so you only have workarounds like the one described in the reddit thread. To be honest, it's probably not worth as these workarounds are not that simple, it might be faster to figure out the scale and notes that were used.

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    There is a plugin called MidiFX Freeze which will do what you need.

    It works quite well and with a minimum of messing around.

    Best wishes



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