Fl studio not loading Kontakt instruments on Old projects

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hi, i have been using Kontakt for a while. i have upgraded my computer and got everything up and running. but when i Open an Old project that uses Kontakt Instruments, i get greeted with a Blank Kontakt file. all my midi data is there. but my instrument is not. All my my instruments work fine on My recent projects. just anything i have brought over from the old computer. back in the day before kontakt 7 i would get a "browse for content" or something to that effect. but i am no longer getting that. any suggestions?

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  • Akudrache
    Akudrache Member Posts: 4 Newcomer
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    Oh yes all my instruments were there they were just not loading into the project. From older saves what it turned out being (i hope) ia i has the vst3 files loaded in fl but i didnt have the .dll vsts loaded in the kontakt folder this seemed to have fixed my issue from what i was able to test! thank you


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