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Hi there

Every time I load an old project with komplete kontrol instances in which there are non NKS libraries it loads them in Kontakt 7. I don’t have the full version of Kontakt 7 (I have the 6) but KK automatically load the libraries in Kontakt player 7 so it starts in demo. I uninstalled Kontakt player 7 but nothing changed. In Cubase I can still see the Kontakt 7 plug-in available in the insert list.

I’m on windows 11. Is there anything else I should consider to completely uninstall Kontakt 7? Or is there a way to tell KK to open the libraries by default with Kontakt 6?


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @gcorcella once Kontakt 7 (Player or full version) is installed, Kontakt 7 will always be loaded automatically.

    We're aware that this is not the best behavior and are looking into this atm. 😕 Please make sure to not migrate and save the project yet. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • gcorcella
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    Thank you for your reply. Yeah, I completely uninstalled Kontakt 7 Player so now KK loads the old projects with Kontakt 6 full. I don't understand though why if I load a track archive with KK and Synchron Player in it Synchron Player is not loaded but the KK instance is empty

  • Cult Of The Dead Cow
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    I got the same problem. Since i install Kontakt 7 (Player), i cannot open kontakt 6 i, komplete kontrol.

    i just have a limited list of instruments with kontakt 7 player.

    Hope you find quick an issue.

  • Ryloken
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    Any fix for the Kontact issue in Komplete Kontrol yet? If not, maybe you should update for free to Kontakt 7 Full Version for those that were using Kontakt 6 Full!

  • PulseCode
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    I just purchased Komplete 14 upgrade, got full version of K7 and other instruments.

    KK is Kontakt 7 bias and will not load K6 if K7 is installed so, I had no choice but to buy K7 full version.

    added benefit is the scalable UI.

  • gviio
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    Was this ever fixed? Had to install Kontakt Player 7 to use Kontakt Factory Library 2 (that I bought for $150), and now I’m stuck with all my K13 UCE libraries loading up in player when using my KK S61. Surely the KK software should be smart enough to know “if this person has full and the library loads in full, load full, else load player”…

  • B.Minor
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    Hi, Native Instruments Development Team,

    Any fix for this reported and well-known bug yet?

    There must be a simple way to implement additional preferences settings in Komplete Kontrol, just to tell the application to use an installed "Full Kontakt 6" version instead of the inferior "Kontakt 7 Player" version. After all, a similar setting has also been provided for the VST loading options. Please proceed with that necessary update, as you are pushing your loyal users - who have spent already their money for a full Kontakt version - into the situation that they can only use their libraries in "Demo Mode" within KK! That's really ridiculous!

  • algorhythm
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    Hi, Native Instruments Development Team,

    Is there a fix for this problem yet? - If this specific one is still outstanding this must be about 8 months. I think I have the same problem, I cannot find Kontakt 6 in Komplete Kontrol - only K7 in demo mode. I have the full K6 product - how do I load it into KK? Do I have to completly uninstall K7?

    It's not that great as a demo with a different UI - Apologies, but I preferred K6

    Thank you

  • Sam Govin
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    Hi my Logic is crashing when using Kontakt 7 in Kontrol S series. Any solutions yet?

  • PulseCode
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    K7 is crashing of me as well inside KK...

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