Too many Kontakt patches: how to navigate preset folders?

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Kontakt 7 is great but when you click on a library and it displays all the patches it can get a bit overwhelming.

I know you can choose a sub folder but not sub folders within that.

I definitely appreciate the way it works now but an easier way to navigate through the preset folders option would be very helpful.




  • Studiowaves
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    If you look at the actual data on the hard drive you'll notice the individual patches. I see no reason you can't create folders and move pertinent patches into each folder. I would keep the folders under the main kontakt instrument though. I'm guessing, but I think if you click on the library, it will now show the subfolders. Then open each subfolder and the patches should be there. I don't think you'll need to use batch re-save but it's there if you need it. You should be able to run it one time and it will scan the entire instrument folder and tell all patches where the data is. Anybody else have tips, I haven't tried version 7 yet. Also you might want to archive the entire instrument folder before hand so you can put it back the way it was if need be.

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