Some Kontact Instruments Have Stopped Making Audio

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Hello. I am a registered user of Komplete 12. Yesterday, I was using Kontact 6 as a plug-in in Cakewalk By BandLab (most recent version). I was auditioning the library "Cuba" that comes as part of Komplete. I was liking what I was hearing and wanted to use Cuba in another project. So I close the Cakewalk project I was in, and opened up a different Cakewalk project. Once I had Kontact installed in the project and Cuba loaded, I discovered that Cuba wasn't making any sounds and would produce no audio. As I was trouble-shooting, I further discovered that:

  • the Kontact libraries Cuba, Abbey Road Drums, and India would not produce any audio
  • the Kontact libraries Butch Vig Drums, DrumLab, and Analog Dreams were producing audio as normal (I did not try all the Kontact libraries that come with Komplete)
  • the same problem was occurring whether I used Kontact in Cakewalk or in Reaper (ver. 5.9x

So Kontact was working normally for me yesterday, and then stopped working for no reason I can understand. Can anyone tell me how to get Cuba, Abbey Road Drums, and India libraries to make audio again? Can anyone tell me what further trouble-shooting steps I should take to fix this problem? Thanks.

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    Update. So I tried running Kontakt in stand-alone mode. Again, I could not get audio from the libraries, Cuba, India, and Abbey Road Drums. BUT - when I loaded a midi groove into Abbey Road Drums interface and then pressed the "play" button on the lower part of the interface, the drumset played i.e. audio was being produced. Same thing with Cuba and India libraries: with a internal midi groove loaded, the instruments will make audio when the "play" button is pressed.

    And when I installed Kontakt into Reaper and loaded the Cuba instrument, I was able to get Cuba to play a Cuba groove (make audio) in response to a midi note. So that is a step in the right direction.

    I still cannot get audio from Cuba, India or Abbey Road drums when I click on the drum pieces in the instrument interface. Clicking on any drum piece in the Cuba, India or Abbey Road instruments will produce only silence.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hey @JamPro If you play the virtual keyboard inside the Kontakt's plug-in window, do you get sound? If you don't get sound only when playing from your keyboard, it's probably a MIDI channel issue, then this article should help: Configuring your MIDI Keyboard / Controller in KONTAKT

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