Kontakt Player 7 a update nightmare

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This is so frustrating I been with NI for 10 yrs been loyal but realizing there i s no loyalty I defend NI against different platforms but you guys always seems to prove me wrong..No customer service products and updates that can damage priceless work and time…I been trying to resolve this problem for hours..Kontakt player 7 should have been better explained and shouldn’t load if your loading Kontakt 7 ..I installed Kontakt try to vanish Kontakt Player 7 .Kontakt Player 7 is a wreck…If i have to go through this all weekend I will do what every other producer does is switch platforms like Studio One and MPC which reviews are far better over there.I would not recommend anyone to waste there money into a company with no customer support…A ticket is not commutation..It’s a excuse to not have dealing with disappointed customers…I had these problems in the pass with Native Instruments and fault through losing hours and days all because i got to wait for ticket and when they answer im forced to wait longer for another response..I will continue to use the products i paid my money for until NI decides to give a buggy update to these products..I should have the choice if i paid for these products ..I didn’t pay my money for products NI controls ..Im done Native Instruments,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  • intensity
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    I figured it out NI it took me 4 days.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @intensity what is the issue and what is the solution?

  • Maxwedge
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    I have had NI products for several years. I wanted to download some of the newer instruments. You have a very confusing advertisement for Kontakt 7. (I have Kontakt 6-full version) your ad only allows me to update (not upgrade) to Kontakt 7 for which I just paid &99.00, unless of course, I was willing to pay $399 for the full Kontakt 7. Unless I'm mistaken, I just gave your company, that I've been dealing with for many years, $99. Because, per all the various complaints, it appears to be impossible to make Kontakt (contact) with your company's representatives-I hope this isn't going be to an ordeal that I deeply regret with regard to Native instruments as a company. I sincerely hope I can get feedback in a reasonable amount of time.

    Thanks, Clinton

  • Grambo
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    What are the alternatives to Kontakt. I am interested.

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