Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 and M1 / Future releases and support

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Hi there,

I want to purchase a S series keyboard, but I need to be sure that is fully compatible with Logic and Mac M1 (in native mode, not rosetta).

I have the doubt if I should wait for a S series MK3 release, but there are no official announcement or ETA.

I would like o know, with the last updates of komplete kontrol, kontak 7, what works fine and have support from NI to macs with M1 and Logic, so:

  • Does the S series MK2 fully control Logic in M1 Native Mode (Not rosseta)?
  • Does the Komplete Kontrol software fully works in Logic in M1 Native Mode?
  • Does the S series and Komplete Kontrol fully work with Kontakt 7 libraries (full version) in Logic and Mac M1 Native Mode?

On the other hand, I would expect to have support in Ventura and future releases of MacOS.

I hope there's some official answer from NI team or administrator about this. You need to understand there are many changes in Mac hardware affecting your products and we are talking about High end (and more expensive) Midi keyboards like the S series. Users need to know they will have support for years, or you may give some information if they are not going to fully work in Apple Sillicon and we should wait for an incoming upgrade of the S series in some ETA.

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