AU plugins not offering outputs in FL Studio

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Hey people,

So I've been fighting against this for a couple of hours now. Read the doc thoroughly, watched videos, lurked the forums, and I can't crack this.

I want to route the instruments in my Kontakt rack out to mixer channels in FL Studio, but I can't, for the life of me. After looking into it, I noticed that 1) this is also the case in other NI plugins (Battery 4), 2) this happens in Kontakt 6 and Kontakt 7 Player (haven't tried Kontakt 7 proper, but will tomorrow), 3) this is exclusively a problem with the AU versions of the plugins (works as expected in VST versions).

Here are some comparisons:

(left is VST, right is AU for Kontakt 6)







As you can see, AU does not seem to resolve the outputs correctly, regardless of what I do. I found mentions to this:

1) Regarding Battery 4:

2) And regarding Kontakt:

Regarding the latter, OP seems to have solved it via reinstalling, but that was not the case for me.

I tried:

  • Reloading the plugins
  • Reinstalling Kontakt
  • Reinstalling FL Studio
  • Updating FL Studio
  • Updating MacOS (to Ventura)
  • Of course restarting Mac (restarted during Ventura update)

Nothing worked.

Any leads here? Is this expected behavior? Am I doing something wrong? Anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks in advance!

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