edit key range in kontakt7 for some instruments doesnt work well

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Hi community

i am using kontakt7 player with different instruments. My problem is that some instruments doesnt cover the key range i need. I tried to edit key ranges in editor mode and it works for some instruments to enhance the key (note) range.

i use tina guo's cello from sonuscore... i was able to enhance the key range, but no note is played. i need C#4, but the range goes only to C4.... any editing doesnt work for me.

When it try the same with "the orchestra" instruments from sonusscore it works well. enhancing key range....all notes get played which i need, using mapping editor.

Can someone point me to a good tutorial how to edit key ranges. Its a little bit frustrating when you are restricted on your scales.


  • EvilDragon
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    This is usually not possible for instruments that have custom scripted event processing, not much you can do about it.

  • 4zap
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    Thanks EvilDragon... thats a bit frustrating...and i wish i were aware about this restrictions before i bought all these 3rd party libraries. Someone told me it would be possible with kontakt7 pro player, so i bought it too... :(

    maybe the hard way would work for me?

    • record all audio samples from the instrument i cant edit
    • create a own library with these wav files then
    • create missing notes by edit tune in wavelab and create a particular wav file for this note.
    • name new note wav file to "auto mapping" (i saw the file name is important)
    • create a new instrument in kontakt7
    • map audio files to related keys

    what do you think? Would that work for me?

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    Tune the whole instrument up 1 semitone (instrument header), transpose down 1 semitone (instrument options). You'll lose C1, so if you need this, instead add a second identical instrument on the same channel, tune/transpose it as above and limit the key range to the top note (instrument options). Stretching shouldn't sound too bad if you want only one extra semitone.

  • 4zap
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    the idea to create a new instrument in kontakt worked so far. after recording the related sample i could easily drag and drop it into the mapping editor. i can stretch it over more semi tones and it doesnt ruin the tone. It wasnt possible in the original instrument, but creating a new one and add my missing notes worked well so far. It gives me the option to build all enhancements i need so far and i can trigger it via Midi.

    i stumbled over a lot of options to create instruments. that instantly creates some ideas in my head. i should dive deeper into this topic. sound interesting to build custom made instruments. never had the time to get more insights and just used kontakt as a player in my DAW.

    Thanks for your input.

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