MIDI "All Sound Off" command with Kontakt.

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Is there any way to kill the output of a Kontakt convolution reverb with a MIDI All Sound Off command? It continues to ring after the All Sound Off command is sent to Kontakt. Bypassing the reverb does a lot, but even that doesn't completely shut it up. Even if it did, I'm not sure you could assign any MIDI controller to its bypass button. Any ideas?



  • Brad Yost
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    I'm not in my studio ATM, but most DAWs have a keystroke or button that will kill the audio engine immediately. Just a thought.

  • stephen24
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    Depends where your convolution is. ASO is channel based, so won't affect global settings. If it's a Send Effect, zero the Send Level. If it's in one of the Aux channels, zero the channel for that instrument. (These can be automated.)

  • tmpc
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    Thanks, Brad. Unfortunately, I don't have one of those.

    Thanks, Stephen24. This is an Instrument Send Effect, but I can't see a way to add a Send Level Module to that type of effect. There is no send level in the reverb's control panel. Any way to do this on an Instrument Send Effect?

  • stephen24
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    Has to be done with Send Levels for Instrument or Group Insert Effects (module should already be there), as described in the manual.

    Perhaps the simplest solution is to just zero the master volume slider. None of these will truly have the effect you want, since the sound will come back when the volume is turned back up again. An unusual thing to want to do, which is probably why there's no specific solution.

  • DunedinDragon
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    I just kill it in the DAW by stopping playback which can be done via MIDI. I don't think anything short of disabling the plug in would work standalone...at least at present.

  • tmpc
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    The scenario here is not that unusual. I simply want to stop the sequence playback and immediately do a clean from silence restart. This could be when working on something near the very beginning of the piece or at mixdown. Everything else in Kontakt is silenced . . . except for the convolution reverb.

    I did find one thing that helps. If you assign a MIDI cc to the CV's HighPass filter, LowPass filter, or Size and move it to an extreme position (HP up, LP down, Size min or max) for about a 1/4 second and back, it greatly reduces it.

    Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated.

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