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Resolved: Nvidia G-SYNC and Kontakt 7 conflict.

David Wise
David Wise Member Posts: 10 Member
edited October 2022 in Kontakt

This might help someone if they find themselves in a similarly frustrated state.

Nvidia G-SYNC and Kontakt 7 and hugely annoying audio drop-outs.


This ‘was’ a graphic card setting issue.


I’m using Windows 11 and Kontakt-7

I was having some severe audio drop-out issues when K7 was the highlighted app.

But it worked flawlessly as a background app, for example whilst using the internet at the same time.

However: As soon as K7 returned to being the highlighted app – the drop-outs also returned immediately.


My Laptop is blessed with an Nvidia card, and G-SYNC by default was set to on.

All of the above audio dropouts have disappeared since turning G-SYNC off.



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