Controlling Kontakt plug-ins with mouse

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There are so many new Instruments with Kontakt 7 and ultimate that have the option of up and down and left and right for morphing the sounds. Why wouldn’t we be able to automate those movements with a mouse? It seems like a no-brainer to me and much easier than setting up two different midi controllers. Just put the track and record, roll the track and use the mouse to position the sound up-and-down and right and left controllers easily.


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    Thanks for sharing your feedback @itsjustme123. I've logged this as a feature request for the team.

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    You can definitely also automate them with the mouse. The XY pads are also assigned as host automatable parameters, check Kontakt's Automation->Host Automation tab and look for those parameters. If you find them, you can then also add automation envelopes for them in your DAW, and then you can record mouse movements when you set automation to write mode in your DAW.

    For example, in Kontakt Factory Library 2, Synth section, you can see many patches have the Drive / Dirt XY pad. Those are also automatable parameters. Find them in the list, arm the envelopes, record away!

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