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Hi Guys

First post here. I'm trying to find some information on the way the Browser navigation works, specifically when controlling Komplete Kontrol from my A25 Keyboard. It seems to me that there is a layer of 'undo' that is missing. Everything works as it should when first selecting a category, then scrolling though the various instruments and auditioning sounds, but if I want to go right back to the start and select a completely different instrument, I have to navigate back via the computer/mouse. Its seems to really disrupt the workflow and defeat the object of the integration of a NI Hardware keyboard. Should it not be the case the clicking the BROWSER button or some combination of buttons on the keyboard can get me back there? Am I missing something really obvious? Grateful for any help you can give.



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    Prob a good idea to get the manual out and have a flick through since it's explained pretty clearly in there:

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