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We need a way to switch through our presets within plugins.

Having to leave your instument everytime you want to try a new sound fiddling with a mouse or track pad to hit the tiny next/previous buttons is very unimersive. It really takes you out of the creative flow.

We need either arrow key control on the computer keyboard or even better, a way to map our controllers.


  • JesterMgee
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    You mean like the MIDI Learn mode built into Komplete Kontrol like this:

    You will see that MIDI learn button (for learning midi signals from other controllers) if you switch off/disconnect your KK keyboard. Learn whatever device you have then you can reconnect your keyboard and still use the MIDI learned controls to step through presets

    Prob lots more helpful tips you will find in the manual, worth a read.

  • komthusr
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    How would you go about setting the MIDI learn for an external controller (like nanoKontrol2, for instance) so that the settings stay intact upon closing Komplete Kontrol software? Once I set the knobs through MIDI learn, they don't "remember" their settings upon restarting the software. Is that only possible with KK keyboards?

  • mattrixx
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    Hey Jester,

    What version are you running? I don't see the MIDI Learn function in v2.7.2 (R2)

    I have to turn of the S88 MKII to see the MIDI button.

  • mattrixx
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    Never mind. I figured it out.. Just learn everything with the S88 turned off and then turn it back on.

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