Komplete Kontrol A25 advanced integration on Cubase Pro?

Ian Painter
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Hi! I recently attempted to use my A25 in Cubase to use the functions such as changing tracks, play and pause and turn on metronome from the controller. I went through a few tutorials. Went to Studio>Studio Setup and added the device; but the input and output settings did not include Komplete Kontrol A25 DAW - 1. The only option was Komplete Kontrol A25 MIDI. I then went through the process of updating my software and checking that the firmware was updated; but Cubase still does not show a DAW-1 option when setting up the device. Any suggestions?


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  • Blindeddie
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    Have you checked "Midi Port Setup" in "Studio Setup" to make sure the DAW Port is active and "Visible"?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Ian Painter If you check your Windows Device Manager, can you find a Komplete Kontrol DAW port in the Sound, video and game controllers section?

    If not you'll need to install the Bome driver manually:

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