Kontakt & and Cubase 12 are fighting

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Sup everyone , Hope all is good.

Really funky stuff here , so in Cubase 12 I dont see kontakt 7 at all , not even in the plugin manager, 6 shows up fine and I still see 5 as well,

but heres the kicker ,

I opened up Cubase 11 to see if I get the same issues , and there is 7 , loads up ok and I see it in the plugin manager as well.

in cubase 12 when I go to add instrument track and the list pops up I notice that kontakt 6 is in the same place in the list where Kontakt 7 shows up in cubase 11

In cubase 12 I open komplete Kontrol and try to load up Kontakt 7 factory library and it will crash

as stand alone, it take at least 3 tries for me to open Kontakt 7 , play good and no issues minus the start up

this all leaves me to think 2 things ,,, its a setting on my pc or gpu

I got all the latest drives and updates on everything




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    have you checked the vst folders and if cubase is looking into the folders. But normally kontakt 7 is vst3 and cubase prefers that, also the vst3 folder is standard and kontakt 7 is installed there. I also use C12 and K7 vst3 without any problems. Have you tried to open komplete 7 stand alone, or komplete kontrol stand alone, just for testing purposes.

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    Cubase is going to the correct folders , Ive opened Kontakt 7 , Komplete Kontrol in standalone as it takes a sec but does open

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    In cubase plugin Manager have you also checked the blacklist, maybe it got somehow there. Even if i don't believe it

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    @REMIXER31 Any update? Do you still need help on that one?

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    somewhat still dealing with this issue,,,, but now I got it to show up, but it crashes Cubase , its hit or miss , Sometimes it works, but it spikes my cpu on some instruments like noire and basically the new larger stuff that came in Komplete 14,

    once I close the Cubase session sometimes it wont even open when I go to load the session with Kontakt 7 , it will go thru the motion of loading but I guess when it comes to loading Kontakt it just crashes with no window errors ,, just closes completely ,,, sometimes it will load after a cpl tries but its not stable


    when I switch the the new gui on kontakt and I go to preview sounds it will freeze , on the other classic view it will sometimes load and work ,

    in standalone its good , only issue is it sometimes doesn't open right away

    I thought it might be something with the gpu and the way the gui is now that it needs more power , but I got plenty I got an i9-12 core , 256 ram ,Titan RTX 24gb ram, all ssd's with 3 being m.2 , my system is not the issue , so kontakt shouldn't spike my session in Cubase , I got all the settings in kontakt set up right using 6 cores ,etc,,,

    I got the ppl at NI on it , but I got a feeling is a setting im overlooking , sux cos im in the middle of doing a sound pack for sounds.com and wanna use the new NI stuff

    the saga continues !!!

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    so Im still having issues

    been in contact with NI since Oct 8 on this and still cant figure this out

    crash reports from Cubase are pointing to kontakt and HEAP CORRUPTION

    my ram is good , if it was my ram wouldn't I be having other issues as well especially with other programs and plugs ?!?

    tried uninstalling and re installing NVIDIA drivers as well as adding the software to the Nvidia control panel and trying various vsync and open gl settings as NI suggested

    kontakt 7 is the only plug that crashes cubase , it sometimes works but then I wont be able to re open the session unless I try several times, so its hit n miss which is bizarre,

    it opens on standalone fine , takes a cpl seconds 15/20 to long but it opens , it has crashed while opening but opens fine afterwards , its the most bizarre thing

    anyone help is much appreciated

  • Uwe303
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    What driver do you use, the one provided by the manufacturer of the graphics card or the one from nvidia? I guess it could come from there, you could try a driver cleaner and install maybe the one from the card manufacturer - if he provides one of course.

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    thx for the reply,

    I have the Nvidia Titan RTX , I've tried it with and without the studio Nvidia drivers , and Kontakt 7 still crashes

    one of the crash reports according to Steinberg points to



    so I did what they suggested in the settings and still no fix

    I've done all the uninstall and reinstall you can think of , as well as everything that was suggested from NI and Steinberg

    ill try driver cleaner and see what happens


  • Uwe303
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    Ok that points to the nvidia driver i would say, cause kontakt works on other systems, including my own, so use DDU tool in safe mode. I guess then you also checked for bios updates also for the graphics card.

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