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Don Sealer
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I have a couple of other questions.

First question. Does anyone have experience with Indiginus products? I have a couple but I found out they run in Demo mode unless you purchase the full version of Kontakt. Player is not good enough to run them. Is there a workaround? Is purchasing Kontakt a good trade off?

Next question. When I load a virtual instrument into my project I get to choose how many tracks I want. I usually choose 8 and get 4 stereo tracks. I then choose what instrument I want to run. Is it possible to add more instruments to this same track, or must I add another instance of Kontakt?

Hopefully I've explained my questions well.





  • Brad Yost
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    1. Indiginus states clearly on the website that their instruments REQUIRE the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later to run (for more than 15 minutes).

    2. A little more info on your desired workflow objective would be helpful.

  • Don Sealer
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    Thank you for your reply. I wish I was better at describing my questions but I'll try to do better.

    I understand now about Indiginus but I didn't a few years ago when I bought the instruments. What I'm most interested in is a Steel Guitar. I could buy another Steel guitar I saw for about $150. I guess I'm wondering would buying the full version of Kontakt for about $200 be a better buy or should I give up on Indiginus and purchase the other Steel Guitar for $150. I know it's a personal decision but getting feedback from experienced Kontakt users gives me some confidence.

    As for the other question. When I load an instrument I get a choice of how many tracks. With any choice i make there is one track that is labeled "Kontakt" and others labeled KT s1, s2,etc. Focusing on the "Kontakt" track, that is where I choose an instrument to load. Let's say I load horns on this track, is it possible to add a 2nd instrument on this same track or, must I create another Kontakt track and load the 2nd on it?

    One more question. What videos could I benefit from by watching them.

    Thanks again for taking the time to try and help me. I wish I could communicate better.


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