Battery 4 we need an UNDO button!

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Just lost hours of work because of a sample dropped wrong while my computer was somehow calculating something, suddenly my entire kit turned into a standard kit.I can't find an undo button anywhere.. Also saving is not easy, couldn't oversave my kit while working. Anyone has a solution??

Probably not going to use this plugin anymore.


  • Danatello
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    People have been asking for this for almost 10 years now apparently (see link below). So I wouldn't hold your breath. Apparently Native Instruments isn't big on listening to their users (you know, the people keeping them in business). You'll also see that Battery has been "Battery 4" since at least some time in 2013.

  • Dobbo79
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    I stopped using battery 4 a few years back because of NI's apparent refusal to add an undo function. It's a shame! But try FXpansion Geist 2... I did, and never looked back. So powerful and yet underrated.

  • maki
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    I thought I am just dumm and cannot find the button (the most basic function in 2023 for any software) but apparently these are 50+ years old programmers living in past :(

  • Sunborn
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    I really can not find any reason why a Drum machine should have an undo button....

    Roland TR-808 also does not have an undo button.

    Roland TR-909 also does not have an undo button.

    KORG ELECTRIBE-R also does not have an undo button.

    Softube Heartbeat also does not have an undo button.

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