Kontakt 7 - Reduced functionality in factory retro synths

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Hey all, big fan of NI products.

I noticed that the factory library "Retro Machines" are now accessible in Komplete Kontrol two ways:

Either by opening "Kontakt 7" or by opening "Retro Machines". You get the same sound list but the interface then is completely different. "Retro Machines" shows the cool skeumorphic vintage synth look and Kontakt 7 shows the instrument in the style of the "Play Series" - Big Picture with flat controls.

Now my issue with this. The new interface gives you less controls and functionality. For instance the 8 "sound variations" morph buttons are gone, but there where very interesting and useful variations. "Fat" is just a button now instead of a control in the old version, the arpeggiator is gone completely, the new drive/dirt xy-control could be the variations instead of just some minor changes on the same sound...

Don't I maybe see something? Why are there two interfaces for the same instruments? What's the idea behind this and what's your opinion? Curious of your posts...



  • EvilDragon
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    Kontakt 7 factory library is a separate product from Retro Machines mkII, with different functionality. Some sampled content is shared but is laid out in a different way.

  • DynaMaltee
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    Aah OK, thanks a lot for the clarification... thought they where the same due to the overlapping patch names.


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