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How can I assign all cells to different keys at once

Abdulrahman Mohammed
Abdulrahman Mohammed Member Posts: 5 Sine
edited October 2022 in Battery 4

Hi Guys,

I know that to change the key of one cell I have to select that cell then I go to the Key Range and then type the range I want (ex: C1/C1). or also using the MIDI symbol instead of typing.

BUT, if I want to change the key ranges of all the cells I have to do them one by one, Ex:

Cell 1 --> C1/C1

Cell 2 --> C#1/C#1

Cell 3 --> D1/D1

Cell 4 --> D#1/D#1

Cell 5 --> E1/E1


My question, is there a faster way to do it at once instead of going through every single cell and change the key range one by one?

Thank you


Best Answer


  • Sunborn
    Sunborn Member Posts: 246 Saw
    Answer ✓

    You can not. Plain and simple. :-)

  • Mikey 3000
    Mikey 3000 Member Posts: 30 Sine

    If you\'re starting a kit from scratch, you can drag and drop a batch of files from your desktop (or wherever) and it will do just that. Once they're in there, tho, I think it's a case of tweaking them by hand.

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