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Don Sealer
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I have very little knowledge on anything concerning virtual instruments samplers. A couple of years ago I started trying out a few things. I bought some instruments and somehow recorded a few tracks. Now I'm trying again but don't know much nor can I recall how I did it before. My understanding is wanting and my ability to communicate using correct descriptions is poor..

Let me start with this, if anyone is willing to try help me. I have Kontakt Player 5, 6 & 7 on my computer, is that a problem?





  • Ronny Bangsund
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    Which DAW are you using? You should probably start there if you lack the basics of how it works. You'll pick up a bit of terminology along the way. Also look for specific guides for your DAW+Kontakt (Kontakt and Kontakt Player works the same for purposes of using in a plugin host).

    Multiple versions of Player shouldn't be a problem, but if you don't have any projects which rely on 5 and 6, I recommend just uninstalling them and using the latest. Less confusing that way.

  • Don Sealer
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    Thanks for your reply. Yes I should have posted my setup.

    I am using


    Behringern xr 18

    Windows 10

    Kurzweil 2500

    I believe I'll find the Player versions in the Programs folder/Native Instruments. When I do find them do I just delete 5 & 6, or is there a process? A couple of years ago I recorded some horns in a song, will deleting the version of player used in that recording be affected.

    Once again thanks so much for your help.


  • Ronny Bangsund
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    You should use the usual Windows uninstall method, since there are files all over the drive (VSTs and AAX usually have their own location).

    If you still have an old project using Kontakt 5, keep Kontakt 5 to be able to load projects, or load the project and replace the plugin with the Kontakt 7 plugin. Look around the forum for information on snapshots.

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