No midi output with Kontakt 7

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I have Kontakt 6 - works fine. I selected the correct midi input and output in the options page, press a key on my keyboard and I can hear the sound. All is well.

I have Kontakt 7 - I select the correct midi out and midi in, play a sound with my keyboard - but no sound comes out. I can see that the midi in lights up in Kontakt 7 when I play a key but no sound. If I switch Kontakt 7 off and try a Youtube video, I just get a spinning ball (it doesn't play the video) and i have to restart my computer. Any help appreciated. Thanks.



  • Jeremy_NI
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    @keano66 Did you check what MIDI channel the instrument in Kontakt 7 is set to ?

    What soundcard and what audio driver are you using ? Make sure to set Kontakt 7 and your Windows system to the same sample frequency.

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    Is this in standalone? Make sure the audio setup is the same between K6 and K7 I guess (Options->Audio).

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    @keano66 No reply from you for a while. I'll now close this post. If you still need assistance you can get in touch here:

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