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I am installing Komplete 14 and notice the Kontakt Factory Library 2 is quite big (39GB+).

I want to save space. Can I safely uninstall Kontakt Factory Library (24GB)and install Kontakt Factory Library 2 without breaking anything?

If yes, is there an accepted workflow for this on Mac OSX that I can follow?


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  • Ronny Bangsund
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    I searched around and came to the conclusion that FL2 is a better version of the contents in the old one, plus additional material. Some people found that some sounds has been renamed, but there's either the same or better samples for everything old, one way or another. So I deleted mine.

    I only unticked it in Kontakt's preferences and deleted the folder. There might be a file lurking around somewhere too to tell Native Access it's supposed to be gone.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @drdr Yes you can uninstall the old Kontakt factory library, it won't affect the new one. To totally uninstall a product on a mac, this is the way to go: How to Uninstall Native Instruments Software from a Mac Computer

  • Neoxis
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    @Jeremy_NI Does that mean that the old Kontakt factory library is included in the factory library 2?

    Also, if I have already installed the factory library 2 do I need to install the factory selection 2 for some reason?


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Neoxis Not all is included but most of it and for some of it, instruments have been improved or updated.

    No need for the Factory Selection 2, it's only a cut down version of the full one.

  • Arthur Neeman
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    But if you used old Factory Library presets, then if you uninstall it, they won't automatically point to new library preset files when you load old project in your DAW. So I keep both.

  • Rotomot
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    I would recommend to keep the old Kontakt Factory Library 1 (KFL1).

    There isn't much new content in the new Kontakt Factory Library 2 (KFL2). The changes are mostly in the effects and user interface, and most of those changes are not really improvements, quite the contrary. The user interface has been dumbed down, some features have been removed, and the usability of the new graphical user interface is questionable.

    The new orchestral instruments have poor sound quality, noisy samples. The old KFL1 orchestral samples are higher quality and there are more orchestral instruments available in KFL1, including solo strings etc.

    Now with Kontakt 7.4.0 you can zoom the user interface. Thus, using KFL1 and other old libraries on high resolution displays is more enjoyable. Actually, the new KFL2 instruemnts are way too large when using zooming. KLF1 does not waste so much screen real estate.

    Would be interesting to hear some comparison examples where the KFL2 sounds better than KFL1. Not just some NI marketing statements, but real sound comparison. And similar comparison regarding the usability of the KFL2 and KFL1 user interafces. I haven't yet found any clear improvments in KFL2. There are some minor improvements, but it seems to be like one step forward and two steps back. For example the new graphical envelope control, available in some of the KFL2 instruement, is a good idea, but the implementation poor. It's difficult to adjust the envelope and the length of decay and release time is difficult to see. Also, I don't like how all the FX are hidden on separate tab by default. The FX controls are too limited, MIX controls don't have proper constant volume, HQ buttons' behavior is strange because those change the effect complety (not necessarily in a good way) and don't provide any adjustments.

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