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When I use native instruments I am able to enter the edit mode so I can see the outputs.

In the past I was able to open it as well with bfd 3 to route different outputs to ableton live. After an update the edit mode is greyed out so I can`t route the different outputs of the plug in to individual inputs of my daw. Is this a bug or is there a workaround ?


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    As far as I know, KK has always loaded 3rd party plugins in "Full view" and the "View" options are greyed out. (at least since I have been using it) and all functionality of the hosted VST would be available from its actual interface...Now I don't have BFD 3, so I cannot check it, can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

    Edit: Here is what the BFD3 Manual says about output assignment...

    Auto-Assign outputs functions

    These functions set the Output selector parameter for all channels simultaneously for 3 common routing scenarios. These functions can radically alter your mix configuration so please proceed with caution. You are prompted for confirmation before proceeding.

    Auto-Assign outputs (Direct)

    This function assigns the Output selector for all individual microphones to discrete outputs - this includes Drum mic/sub-mic channels and Ambient mic channels.

    When this function is used, any existing Output selector assignments to Aux channels and 'parent' Mix channels (Kick/Snare/Ambient Mix channels) are lost.

    This feature is designed to allow you to easily transmit all Drum and Ambient mic channels to your host/DAW for further mixing, processing or to bounce the signals as audio tracks.

    Auto-Assign outputs (Mixdown)

    This feature is intended to be used with Aux channel sub-mixes of Drums. It assigns the Output selector for all Aux channels and Mix channels (Kick/Snare/Ambient Mix channels) to discrete outputs.

    This means that, for example, the default routing setup would be altered so that the Kick, Snare and Ambient Mix are set to discrete stereo outputs, with the Master channel containing all other Drums (and hard-wired to the first stereo output). The 2 Aux channels in the default mixer setup are also routed to discrete stereo outputs.

    If Aux channel sub-mixes of the other Drums have been created (for example, if the Toms and Cymbals have each been mixed down to a single Aux channel), these Aux channels are also routed to discrete stereo outputs.

    Auto-Assign outputs (Master)

    This function assigns all channels to their default Output selector routing assignments, effectively sending all signals to the Master channel.

    •Kick/Snare Drum sub-mics are routed to their parent Drum Mix channels

    •Ambient mics are routed to the Ambient Mix channel

    •Drum Mix, Ambient Mix and all other Drum and Aux channels are routed to the Master channel.

    Auto-Assign outputs (WYSIWYG)

    Standing for 'What You See Is What You Get', this function sequentially assigns the output of each direct channel to a mono output, and any Bus, Aux or Ambient mic channel to a stereo output.

    these options are available by right clicking the channels in the mini-mixer in fader mode.

    Once the Direct outs are assigned, they should be available for selection in Ableton...

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    Screenshot of what you refer to is greyed out?

    If it is a 3rd party VST option that is greyed out, this would not be anything to do with a Native Instruments thing.

    However, maybe whatever DAW you are using on whatever OS you are using (details!!!) is only allowing connection to the main stereo output from the plugin you are using (I will assume Komplete Kontrol but again, details missing) so therefore no additional outputs are possible which could cause the plugin to disable output routing but I doubt that is the case, just a guess as that's all I can really do.

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