Startup slows down after installing Kontakt 7 player

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You should be very wary of installing Kontakt 7. I just did and it caused start up to slow down considerably and the ssd with my NI content stopped being recognized. I uninstalled and everything went back to normal. Latest Monterey, 2020 iMac. Be Careful!


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  • HarrySound
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    I didn't have a problem apart from the licensing server having a blip earlier today.

    M1Pro MacBook Pro Monterey

    I now have a Knotakt 7 plugin and a Kontakt plugin in my list. If I start a new project should I just use Kontakt (which will be version 6) so that when Kontakt 7 is released properly it'll just replace it?

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @PaulNotDave Did you give Mac a full disk access again after installing K7?

  • PaulNotDave
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    Arrghhh. That was the problem. I said yes to everything during install tho. Thanks for clearing things up.

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