Kontakt crash when using Multi Output, how could I solve this problem

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I am first time using the plugin to set multi output. The Kontakt keep crashing when I set multi output for the drum, both standalone and in the logic pro, I could only use the plugin in Mono way that all drums mixed into one channel.

I have already reinstalled the Kontakt and revalidated the AU plugin but never have used.

Here is the crash log. Thanks for the help

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    @alexisstruggling We didn't hear from you in a while, we'll close this post. If you still need help on this one, get in touch here: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_kontakt

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    Don't use mono output channels. There is a known Kontakt issue where using certain send effects won't work with mono outputs and will instead crash. So, please use stereo output channels.

    This was fixed in K7.6.1!


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