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Hey everyone,

I'm struggling to configure articulations sets properly in Logic Pro (on all the Symphony Series instruments). I've tried multiple ways to set them, but never manage to get something working.

Can anyone share screenshots of their articulation sets ?

Also, what's your workflow when having multiple instruments for different articulations ? For instance, the horns in the Symphony Series Brass Solo have multiple staccato articulations, divided in two instruments "Horns", "Horns Staccato". How can you change from one instrument to the other one via articulations (yes, I'm aware of the MIDI channel, but don't understand how it works in Logic Pro :/ )


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    Hi @Petzi I remember this video is pretty useful when it comes to articulation sets on Logic Pro

    The only thread I found so far is this one here. Maybe @Brad Yost has some tips to share? 😃

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    Hey @Kaiwan_NI & @Petzi; thanks for the ping. I'm not a Logic user, but have some vague familiarity and do use Articulation Maps all the time.

    My DAW templates load each available individual instrument (in KK) and each instrument has an articulation map (set).

    In the case of Symphony Series Brass Solo, there is a preset just called "Horn 1" (for example) which has keyswitches for all the available articulations. Create an Articulation Map just for that set of keyswitches:

    This is an example screenshot just for that instrument:

    The other instruments listed in Horn 1 in the KK browser [ie: Expression, Legato, Staccato, Sustain, etc.] are just the same instruments with an expanded preset set of samples and Keyswitched articulations with more detail. When I need these, I load them in an additional track/instance of KK (Komplete Kontrol has a very tiny RAM footprint), and most of them will share the majority of the sample set of the parent instrument, just scripted for more finite control. Then create a new Articulation Map for the new instrument. Rarely have I had to call on any of the more specific instruments articulations in my projects.

    I think that you may be trying to find a way to change from "Horn 1 Expression" to "Horn 1 Legato" (for example) in the same track/instance using an Articulation Map, and that's just not the way this works. That would be done by sending a Program/Patch change to load a different preset, and is not only tricky (SysEX) but bogs down the playback of the session, as it would have to load a [slightly] different set of samples, as well as a different script into Kontakt.

    I have DAW scoring templates with 129 individual tracks, each with an instantiation of KK wrapped around an NKS instrument and can load the entire session is less than 12Gb of memory (yeah, that's a lot, but my machine has 64Gb available).

    Hope this helps to explain it a bit. Do yourself a really big favor and read the manual for any one of the Symphony Series instruments and it will cover what can be done. You should be able to find it in the <Documentation> directory where the actual instrument library is installed.

    of course... YMMV.

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