is it worth to upgrade from komplete 13 ultimate to komplete 14 ?

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Hi Guys

i own komplete 13 ultimate and soon comes the komplete 14 i would like to ask if it s worth to make the upgrade i produce Rock , pop and much electronic which new plugins in komplete 14 could be useful to produce electronic . i like nice and spacy synth Pads and modern sounds . can komplete 14 have this kind of Sound ?

thanks for the help .


  • Blindeddie
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    only you can decide if it’s worth in for you… visit the product page and have a look at what is included and listen to the demos provided.

  • Ed M
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    Hard to say, because what every person likes or doesn't like is very different. Just check the overview on the NI website where you can find what's new in K14.

  • tomtommy45
    tomtommy45 Member Posts: 30 Member

    thanks Guys for the reply i did order now the upgrade of the Komplete ultimate 14 and i m waiting for the Download Link i think it will take a couple of days to receive it as they write me . i hope i will not be disappointed .

  • Blindeddie
    Blindeddie Member Posts: 1,559 Expert

    Just an fyi, K14 will not be available until September 27th…so you will be waiting for a while!!

  • Clavius
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    edited October 2022

    I have been doing the Komplete upgrades since version 11, each upgrade seems to add several toys that are worth the price of admission IMHO, though there are always things I don't use that much (if ever). In the new version I have been having fun with "Glaze", "Empire Breaks", "Electric Sunburst" and "Replica XT", among others.

  • Carlos Schwarz
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    I agree, every upgrade brings a decent amount of new libraries. Depending on your style of music, sometimes you'll get more usable stuff. My sweet spot is probably upgrading every other version to get a good balance in cost and added content.

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