LFO basic functionality STILL not added?!

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Hi there,

I made a post on the previous forum in july 2019 about the odd behaviour of the LFO when set to Sync + Loop. The LFO should be synced throughout the whole song and not be retriggered when notes are played. However the LFO starts at a random point in the envelope cycle everytime instead of being playback synced thoughout the project.

I was told the team agreed this functionality should be added (it was in the original Massive and I use it in almost every patch) and expected it to be picked up quickly as it is such a key feature of any basic synth (in my opinion ofcourse).

Can I get any info at all about when this will be fixed?

I haven't used Massive X at all since it came out because this feature is missing.


Previous topic: https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/massive-x-global-synced-lfo.358813/

Massive functionality I'm talking about. The combination of Pos + Restart is missing:


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    You mean phase retriggering for the LFO waveform.

    Yeah, that would be great. Unfortunately, MX development seems to have reached snail speed, probably due to home officing, which is a total productivity killer.

    You know, Massive X is a weird product. It has so much potential, and sounds so great, but, it seems half finished, lacks some essential features, and overall really could have needed some better planning.

    Kind of surprising when you consider that they even postponed the release by 8 months or so.

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    Well, the release has been postponed by 4 months, not 8. It was promissed to be released in February 2019 and was released in June....

    And late release often means not fully finished. Because if possible, it would be released not fully finished, but on time.

    Simply, the development was probably more difficult than anticipated.

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    I get that, but, it's out since almost 3 years now, and there are still construction sites, like the lack of automation and MIDI learn, or the rudimentary preset management. Or... the lack of essential features like this one.

    I love this synth, but, it definitely needs some more work. Well... probably gotta thank Apple for messing up everyone's development plans due to the introduction of a new CPU architecture.

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    Well, Apple Silicon and two years of COVID.... Just those two have made SW development rather slow and difficult...

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    Doesn't Loop RST have the functionality you want? I know Uni Z restarts the LFO from zero phase(which is useless if you need a bipolar LFO). You can also use Remote to manually retrigger the LFO, which can give you quite interesting rhythmic effects if used creatively. You can add a MIDI note in the remote octave at the start of your song or particular phrase so your LFO only starts from there, but you have to ensure you enable the remote octave from the little grid icon that shows when you click on one of the Performers.

    It would definitely be nice to have more control over the phase of the LFO. Another annoyance I have with the LFO is that delay doesn't actually delay the LFO but only delays when you hear the effects of the LFO.

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    hindsight 2020

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