Kontakt player window doesnt pop up on my DAW

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I have recently installed Kontakt player6 which i got it for free on the official NI website and ever since than i have been trying to use that VST on my DAW (ableton live 10 ) how ever i am not being able to use it . I have followed all the instructions i came across, but the results are the same. I could see the VST under the plugin section but when ever i try to click on it the vst window doesnt appear on the screen ... all i could see is the x button as you can see it on the screen , but it works perfectly fine when i use outside ableton ... can you please help me out with it .. I have been struggling to get it fix and its really frustrating


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    Do you maybe had an installation before? Maybe the vst is from an older version. I would uninstall kontakt, then look for all kontakt files in the file browser and delete them if you find something. Then reinstall and check the vst folders.

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    @Deep Do you still have this issue?

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    @Deep No news for a while. If you still need help, please get in touch here: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_install

    Closing this post now.

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