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Hi Folks,

Does anyone know of a company or individual that will will design a scripted user interface for me? The research that I've done online gives me either the scripts or the graphics, but not both items. As an example the Hollow Sun 'Shell' interface looks great for what I need but is obviously protected. I want the same kind of product but with the ability for me to make changes to the graphics, and possibly the scripts.

I appreciate any help that can be given.



  • Jon Watte
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    Many of the instrument design houses are pretty small companies, and may be open to do contract work.

    The Hollow Sun "Shell" creators are credited as Mario Krušelj / Hollow Sun

    They have a contact page here: http://hollowsun.com/HS2/contact_us.htm (Now, whether anyone actually pays attention to that form .... such forms often end up in the spam folder of the recipient in my experience, but it might be worth a shot.)

  • bassboybenz
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    Thanks for the response Jon.

    Do you happen to know the names of any of these 'instrument design houses?

    I bought a product from Hollow Sun and they responded quickly when I was looking to purchase an item. I've since emailed them again about my need for someone to design something for me but I've heard nothing from them.

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