FIXED! AKAI APC Key 25 not working with Learn MIDI CC on Kontakt etc

littlespiral Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited September 2022 in Kontakt

OK, I just wanted to contribute to the knowledge base of the internet because I had struggled with this for YEARS and finally figured it out.

Any time I selected "Learn MIDI CC Automation" in Kontakt, it would do nothing with my Akai APC Key 25. I knew my keyboard was connected, I was able to make keys and buttons and launch clips work in Ableton itself, but never use the controllers in Kontakt.

WELLL... It's a fix on the keyboard itself! you need to hold the shift button on the APC keyboard and hit the Device button in the "Knob Ctrl" section below all the clip launch buttons. DUH!!!

I was tearing my hair out and I am hoping some poor Googling soul on the internet will find this!


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