PLEASE IMPROVE Midi Templates (load/export) or LET CHOOSING THEM via MIDI

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Please improve the MIDI TEMPLATE section of KOMPLETE KONTROL:

  1. Most important please add the ability to activate a template by LOADING a file or by let to assign a program change to an existing template.
  2. Please add the ability to start the standalone program in MIDI MODE or just rember the last section state / eventually enable a COMMAND SWITCH to LOAD (from a .DAT file) Example: "Komplete Kontrol.exe" /f="full_path_to_dat_file_to_load_and_activate". Obviously in this case you should let to export every single template in a separate file.
  3. or (maybe a better solution) to SELECT the name of the current template to activate. Example: "Komplete Kontrol.exe" /t="name_of_template"

Now I achive this goal by manually changing the .DAT file in the Komplete Kontrol folder and by sending it to the keyboard (S61 MK2) using my own developed upload tool. Unfortunately I need to manually switch from MIDI to PLUGIN and back again to activate the new MIDI LAYOUT.

I hope that this could be a temporary workaround, I think that I'm not the only one that uses a different MIDI TEMPLATE for each song I play. I think that this function could be very VERY usefull for many users.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thanks for sharing your feedback @hostpanic 🙏

  • hostpanic
    hostpanic Member Posts: 2 Member

    Hi, may I know if you consider to add the MIDI TEMPLATE automation as suggested in my previous august '22 post? Thanks!!

  • lx222
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    At least it would be great, if one can filter or search for templates with a simple search-field.

    I have lots of MIDI-Templates and it makes me sick having to contol or find them via mouse. 😓

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