Release date for Kontakt 7?

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does anyone know the release date for Kontakt 7?



  • Monochrome
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    We can speculate, though. Maybe it'll get released with Komplete 14.

  • LoveEnigma
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    Very obvious, the same date as the release date of Komplete 14.

    Considering Komplete 12 came with Kontakt 6 and Komplete 14 should come with Kontakt 7, I believe Kontakt 8 can be expected with Komplete 16 (Komplete version by two) in 2026. So, a 4-year cycle for Kontakt. ;)

  • Kubrak
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    Might be so, but who knows...

    I expect K14 in month, two. Sale of full versions of K13 says a lot.

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