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Hi there! Today I want to share with you my review of Vocalise 3 by Heavyocity on Virtual Orchestration.IT. Vocalise 3 it’s a great library for soaring, ethereal, atmospheric vocals. Thanks to a very powerful and complete engine you can really bring this instruments to the next level and create a lot of evocative textures, rhythmic patterns and atmospheres that can find place into a lot of musical styles, not only cinematic. The samples are great, very realistic and naturally dry: add a reverb and they will truly come to life. Vocalise 3 is made for the free version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or above and it’s NKS compatible. Download via Heavyocity Portal and activate the license via Native Access.

Thanks to Heavyocity for kindly sending us a copy of the library to review.



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    Hey @gcorcella thanks a lot for sharing your review. Perhaps you can crate a dedicated thread for your reviews and add new reviews as comments under the thread going forward? 🙂

  • gcorcella
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    Hi Kaiwan,

    sorry, I read your comment just now. Yes, I can create a unique thread dedicated to our reviews :)

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