Wrong serial with Kontakt 6?

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Hello everyone,

I have purchased Kontakt 6 using the Update option as I already own Kontakt 5. I paid, received the order confirmation and "KONTAKT Update" appeared with its serial number on my products page. Nothing special here, but since it wouldn't appear on Native Access, I decided to manually insert the serial number only to discover that it only activates Kontakt 6 Player, which is free and I already had. The only thing I've got from this purchase is the Creator Tools, nothing else.

Has this ever happened to anyone? I'm really confused and I'm on a short deadline on a project where I need to use some samples that only run on Kontakt 6, so any help would be amazing and extremely appreciated.

I'm attaching a couple of screenshots:



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    Hi! I've tried all that multiple times and it didn't work. Only Kontakt 6 player would pop up as a standalone and in my DAW. However, out of frustration, I've decided to uninstall Native Access and reinstall it and, funnily enough, that actually did the trick!

    I haven't received any other instrument other than the Creator Tools, but I suppose it's because there wasn't any update from the Kontakt Factory Library that came with Kontakt 5?


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