Update Firmware for S88 mk2 ?

Olivier Raemy
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How and where update firmware s88 mk2 0.6.0? Thanks

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  • Monochrome
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    "Every time you start the KOMPLETE KONTROL software with [your] keyboard connected, the software checks for available firmware updates and informs you if a new version is available." (source)

    Alternatively, firmware updates can also be found here:

    By the looks of it, there's no 0.6.0 firmware available.

    Edit: Looks like a 0.6.0 firmware does exist, but it's only meant for newer devices that have an alternative processor for the handling of all data from/to the touchstrip:

  • ekimreap
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    I just got a new Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2. The KKS MK2 Firmware Updater shows it has 0.6.0 firmware installed, yet it says 0.5.9 is the latest available. I got a prompt that said an update is available, and this is what I found (the updater tells me there is no newer firmware). This seems odd.

  • abcd-abcd
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    Very disappointing that such an expensive piece of hardware - S88 mk2 - which does not have perfect software/firmware has not had an update since 2019. Is there going to be one?

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