A few thoughts on playbox - it's missing a few things...or is it?

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I've been playing with Playbox - it sounds GREAT, the fx are great....but I feel like the interface is missing some key things (or maybe I'm missing something). I don't normally post stuff like this but I'm wondering if anyone feels the same way - or maybe can help me.

•Chord lock - you can lock individual chords - but when you roll the chord dice it replaces the chords you locked. Playbox picks a whole new set. This sucks - I'd love to get a new selection of random chords to add to the ones I already liked & locked. Many of the progressions are only really 4 chords, so getting four more extra randoms would be very handy.

•Adding notes to a chord - you can play the whole chord again, but why not have a '+' button to add an extra note? Also - a '-' or mute button.

•Midi export - you can export all the chords, but then working out what your chord progression actually is, is a painstaking process. I feel like just enabling Kontakt 'midi out' so you can record it's output as midi would work so well. Apparently the Grain FX can send midi out, but I haven't been able to get that to work.

• An 'instrument mode' where you can play chords on a keyboard and Playbox just assigns the samples to these chords - live. So I can play ideas (my own chords) with the great sounds and great FX.

All these things feel like they'd be possible within the current interface...wishful thinking I guess!


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Royalston thanks for an extensive overview! I've added a feature request tag to your post so we don't miss it.

  • Jordane
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    J adore le son et les fonctionnalités de ce plugin mais je suis surpris de ne pas pouvoir jouer un accord ou même juste un sample sur tout le clavier en keyboard mode.

    Il manque cruellement une liberté de jouer et de créer.

  • caos84
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    I completely agree on the above mentioned features.

    I would LOVE a feature that could MUTE/SOLO a whole layer.

    As it is right now I have to mute samples separetely in each layer.

    It is especially useful if I want to bounce out layers/stems individually.

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